Common Reasons Why A Family Member Disputes a Will

The worst legal, emotional and often financial nightmares begin when someone in a family seeks the court system’s intervention to modify or set aside a loved one’s will. Estate disputes can last for years and sometimes do not conclude until well after the heirs themselves are deceased. If you wish to dispute a will (contest it), you must be one of the people who can contest it under probate … [Read more...]

Passing of Music Legend Prince Shines Spotlight on Probate Process

Millions of people have been following the news about the death of Prince and what will happen to his family now that he is deceased. This naturally leads to  questions that could be asked by almost everyone: • How did he or she die? • When did he or she die? • Why did he or she die? • And lastly, did he or she leave anything behind that they had indicated in their lifetime they would like … [Read more...]

How Probate Can Lead To Probate Litigation

The court-supervised legal process by which the estate of a deceased person is administrated is known as probate. It involves: 1) Identifying the assets of the deceased person. 2) Resolving all claims (debts) against the estate. 3) Distributing the property of the deceased according to a valid will or Ohio law and. 4) Following any instructions provided within a legal document such … [Read more...]

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