Common Reasons Why A Family Member Disputes a Will

The worst legal, emotional and often financial nightmares begin when someone in a family seeks the court system’s intervention to modify or set aside a loved one’s will. Estate disputes can last for years and sometimes do not conclude until well after the heirs themselves are deceased. If you wish to dispute a will (contest it), you must be one of the people who can contest it under probate … [Read more...]

Hundreds of People Claiming They Are Heirs To Music Legend Prince’s Estate

More than 700 people have contacted Morse Genealogical Services in Florida to determine if they might be an “heir” of the multi-talented music superstar, Prince. The legendary musician died suddenly at his Minnesota residence April 21 of an accidental drug overdose. He left an estate estimated to be worth more than $350 million. So far, no will or other planning documents have been found for … [Read more...]

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