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Ohio Probate and Estate Laws

The issues and the questions relating to probate laws, estate laws, elder care laws and estate planning can be complex and confusing. However, these are very important topics in life no matter how large or small your estate may be.

People from all walks of life have similar questions about their futures and their family’s security:

  • What happens to my property when I die?
  • What happens to my property if I become disabled?
  • What planning should I do to make it easy on my family when I die?
  • What exactly is probate and what does it mean?

These are the types of questions that need to be answered so you can properly prepare for what lies ahead in life. Knowing the answers to these questions will give you and your family peace of mind.

Slater & Zurz LLP is an Ohio law firm providing a full range of services for estate planning, probate and elder care law. There are many facets to probate and estate laws and many scenarios to consider in estate planning that must be analyzed. Our lawyers offer clients vast experience and provide them with an estate plan that fits their needs, objectives and wishes.

We also offer clients extensive experience in all areas of trust and probate litigation. Many times, problems, disputes or disagreements arise over the administration of a trust or an estate. When that happens, we help clients effectively resolve issues and make sure they are treated fairly.

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We serve clients in all areas of Ohio.

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We are currently representing clients in towns and cities throughout the entire state of Ohio. We can help you too.


probate law testimonials

“Richard Zurz has continued to help me, family members, co-workers, friends and business clients. Anytime someone asks for my opinion about a lawyer, I always refer them to Richard. If for some reason, Richard cannot help you, he will find you someone that can.

Richard has personally helped me with my corporate business law, workers comp claims, divorce, lawsuits, car accidents, equipment failure, power of attorney, wills, real estate questions and much more. Richard has always been available to answer my calls or calls you back within a timely manner. He is very knowledgeable of every question I have had for him in the past twenty-six years. Anytime I feel like I need an attorney, I call Richard first for his point of view before making any decisions. My future and my family’s will be handled by Richard Zurz. I have enjoyed working with Richard Zurz as well as other attorneys of Slater & Zurz.” Carla J. Herbert

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